Presenting Strawberry Fields

After many months of planning and hard work, our brand new lodges located in Ashford are finally completed.

Strawberry Fields, named after it's unique location which is right on the original Strawberry Picking Fields in lower Ashford, and are the latest addition to the Fremington Homes group of lodges.

The two lodges located at Strawberry Fields are large properties set back from the main dual carriage way, with access when driving from Heanton toward Barnstaple. Surrounded by North Devon countryside, Strawberry Fields enjoys rural and river views, as well as overlooking the nursery next door.

Strawberry Fields has the beginnings of a lovely garden which will come into its own during the coming Spring and Summer months with lots of new trees and a spacious patio areas to sit out on and enjoy the views. The rooms in Strawberry Fields are all interlinked, meaning that it is possible to walk from room to room, around the building in a continuous flow. The lounges in Strawberry Fields are large and overlook a patio area. The kitchen and dining areas at Strawberry Fields are open planned meaning staff can integrate with tenants at all times. With modern underfloor heating throughout, Strawberry Fields provides rooms with much more wall space for tenant’s possessions and enables the staff to easily control and regulate the heat.

All areas are secure with number pads inside and outside so that any tennant wishing to explore, can do safely.

Hadley Care staff employed at Strawberry Fields have specialist training in dementia. Strawberry Fields is our second specialist dwelling for dementia care in North Devon. All of the Hadley Care staff at Strawberry Fields have a good understanding of activities that stimulate this particular tenant group.

A wheelchair friendly company car is used daily at this lodge for outings and events. Strawberry Fields is a busy lodge with day care tenants enjoying company and good food. Strawberry Fields provides a lovely private setting for the tenants as it is very much set in the countryside.

There is plenty of parking space at Strawberry Fields and the location is easily accessible by car.