Activities & Days Out

At Fremington Homes we believe in providing an uplifting environment for seniors to enjoy their golden years.

The ambience of each lodge make Fremington Homes an ideal environment for active seniors to be able to live as independently as possible with dignity, privacy and the opportunity to exercise their own choice of lifestyle where every detail is considered important.

Activities vary from lodge to lodge and often the lodges with a larger communal area, such as Oak Tree will host a large group activity where tenants from neighbouring lodges will be collected by our Fremington Homes wheelchair accessible minivan and brought to join in the fun.

We have hosted a large variety of events over the years, too many to remember.  Our most recent groups events include a wonderful music writing and singing group.  We wrote our own song from our memories of growing up and in conjunction with a local school we created a song that was performed at the School Christmas Festival. Often we will make group excursions to local places of interest and the Barnstaple Heritage tour is a wonderful trip that provides knowledge and information about the town and is a wonderful trip down memory lane for many of our tenants.

Regular day to day activities that you will find happening at Fremington Homes include drawing, baking, flower arranging and jigsaws.

At Christmas we have a lunch at the Barnstaple Hotel and try to get as many tenants and their families to come along. It is a lovely occasion where we have a real get together. We get Hadley care staff to join in. The funding for this is through the last years events such as fetes, tea parties, coffee mornings, etc.